Bienes Center: About

Facility Information 

Please Arrive Early
We make every possible effort to start BCA events and performances on time. We suggest that you plan your travel so that you arrive at the Bienes Center approx. 30-45 minutes prior to show time. Our lobby doors will open (1) hour prior to show time, doors to theater seating will open 30 minutes prior to show time. Arriving early will allow your party time to enjoy a drink and/or snack in our lobby or outdoor courtyards.  Arriving late can often result in listening/viewing the show on our lobby video monitors until there is a suitable pause in the program. In order to cause minimal disruptions to other guests and performers our ushers will seat all late arrivals in the back rows of the theater using the second floor entrances. Our theater provides a very intimate setting and even the back rows offer fantastic views.

Audience Etiquette
Please TURN OFF all cell phones and personal devices: talking, texting and using your device is distracting to others. Photography, audio and video recording of any type, regardless of the device/method, are strictly PROHIBITED.

Please remain silent throughout the performance. Most of our events will include an intermission, because of this we ask that you refrain from getting up during the show. However; we do understand that sometimes children can get restless, please escort restless children to the lobby immediately. You will be able to see and hear the performance on our lobby video monitors; this often proves to be very helpful to both the children and the other guests in the audience.

Seating and Ticketing
Most of our performances are ticketed as General Admission. After purchasing a ticket guests may sit wherever they wish on a first-come/first-served basis. We ask that you do not hold more than (1) seat. Some events are ticketed in sections such as “floor” seating and “tiered” seating.  When events are ticketed in sections those individual sections are also general admission within the section, your ticket will notate which section you are in.
All guests are required to purchase a ticket, regardless of age. Student pricing is sometimes offered depending on the production. Students will be asked to show a valid student ID.

Seating for handicapped and special needs guests are marked clearly as “reserved”, please do not sit in a seat that is marked as reserved without permission from an usher or staff member. If you have a question about seating or need assistance of any type, a staff member or usher will be glad to assist you.

Snacks and Beverages
Snacks and beverages are for sale in our lobby, please note that we do not offer hot items or meals.
Snacks and beverages purchased on site are allowed into the seating area but we ask that you eat and drink quietly. We purposely do not sell items that have strong odors or items that can be messy or noisy. Food and drink from outside vendors or brought from home is not allowed in the facility or on the property at any time.


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